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PhD Semester-by-Semester Plan

Doctoral students work closely with a faculty mentor and design individualized programs of study as they advance towards candidacy. Students at this level often choose a specialized area of interest and pursue coursework and electives in that area.

Faculty mentors will help you devise a plan of study to ensure you meet the core requirements of the Graduate School and the Department of Communicative Disorders.  All plans of study must include a minimum of 72  post-baccalaureate credit hours.  These will include 9 credit hours in a theoretical core and 9 credit hours in a research core.  Additional classes and seminars will be chosen within the students area(s) of interest.

Theoretical Core

You will choose at least 3 of the following courses:

  • Neurolinguistics
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Developmental Theorists
  • Concepts of Disability

Research Core

You will take the following 2 courses plus one additional course in research design or statistics.

  • Experimental Research Design in Applied Language and Speech Sciences
  • Qualitative Research Design